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November 12, 2022 4pm-6pm


Seattle-members, we invite you to join us for our Fall 2022 pick-up party! Hosted by our wonderful friend and neighbor, ArtXchange, you can taste the new Fall wines surrounded by art. Tastings and bites will be provided at the gallery, and once you're done, pop over to the Seattle Tasting Room to grab your allotment (seriously- it's two doors down!)

If you can't make it to the pick-up party, don't fret! Your allotment is available to pick-up for 6 weeks at our tasting room.

ArtXchange Gallery

512 1st Ave South

Seattle, WA 98104

Max 4 people/membership


About ArtXchange

ArtXchange Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that inspires exploration, encourages global perspectives and creates an exchange of ideas through art. They exhibit art that reflects the diversity of influences shaping the Seattle community and contemporary global culture.

Founded in 1995, ArtXchange Gallery has evolved from an online gallery to a pop-up showroom and now to our current 2000+ square foot gallery in Pioneer Square. The gallery features rotating exhibitions, as well as creative events including artist workshops, poetry readings and dance performances. From May 5 through June 25, artist William Song presents a new series of resonant oil paintings that utilize the vibrative capacities of color, light and depth to open multi-dimensional experiences beyond the conscious mind.

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