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September 7, 2023 5pm-9pm


Embark on an evening that transcends the ordinary and elevates your senses to new dimensions. Embrace the mystique, the magic, and your cosmic self with personalized mini-astrology sessions with Stephanie Gailing, elegant treasures from History & Industry, and aura photography with Create Within.

5:00 - 9:00 PM

Mini Astrology Readings with Stephanie Gailing

* reservations prior to event

$60 per Reading

Jewelry Pop-up with Irene Wood of History + Industry

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Aura Photography with Create Within

* first come, first served

$45 per Solo Portrait

Mini-astro sessions are available to reserve through Stephanie Gailing's website linked below.


About Stephanie

Stephanie Gailing is a Seattle-based life guide, wellness astrologer, and author with more than 25 years of experience. Her unique approach to healing weaves together compassion-based coaching, self-care strategies, dreamwork, and astrological insights. Co-host of the So Divine! podcast, she is the author of The Complete Book of Dreams and The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care. Her insights can be found in publications such as Well + Good, Refinery 29, Romper, The Seattle Times, and others.

About History + Industry

Irene Wood is a painter and jeweler born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Travel around the world from a young age sparked an interest in museums and artifacts. A common thread among different cultures was the distinct desire to create adornment. Noticing this, along with her own impulse for the tactile experience, Irene started her collection of beads at age 11. Glass from Turkey, amber from Egypt, jade from Taiwan, cabochons from Morocco, citrine chunks from India to name a few. What resulted has evolved over the years to bring us to History+Industry but the root is the same; a joy of collecting materials, an innate compulsion to create, a desire to adorn and a channel to connect to the community through design.

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