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August 15, 2021




Carnation Farms

28901 NE Carnation Farms Road

Arts & Craft is a celebration of craft winemaking and brewing, featuring some of the most interesting and delicious beers & wines the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Enjoy sampling from these incredible winemakers and brewers while interacting directly with these artisans who bring this magic to life, all on our historic campus on Sunday, August 15, 2021.

Limited tickets are available to ensure and encourage discussion and interaction over tastes of craft libations from vendors chosen for their dedication to their craft, the environment, and transparency and honesty in practices.


Itinerary: This event will take place Sunday, August 15th, 2021, rain or shine. The tasting will begin at 12:00pm and last until 3:30pm.

An industry-only tasting will be held between 11:00am – 12:00pm. For more information, please reach out to

Tickets: Tickets are $50 each, with proceeds going to fund Carnation Farms’ upcoming Culinary Education Programming and continued Agricultural Educational Programs. Ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Guest Information: This is an outdoor event, and upon arrival, parking will be located through the Main Gates at Carnation Farms. You will be shuttled to our historic and breathtaking main campus, where you will check in and be provided with all of the information about the day. We suggest bringing comfy shoes and a picnic blanket to enjoy the sprawl of our upper property. Water will be available in abundance to keep you hydrated, and food will be available for purchase.

Joining us from Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, we’ve assembled some of our favorite makers who prioritize environmental sustainability, champion artisan practices, and make really, really tasty drinks. We’re proud to feature wines and beers from:

Antica Terra
Art & Science
Beckham Estate Vineyard
Buona Notte Wines
Constant Crush Wine / Limited Addition
Fossil & Fawn
St. Reginald Parish / The Marigny
Troon Vineyard
Two Shepherds
Sans Wine Cans
Pet Project
Sass Winery
Garden Path Fermentation
Stillwater Artisanal
Fast Fashion Beer

Producer lineup subject to change

Is this event all ages?

This event is 21+ to ensure the comfort of all guests and staff. Your ID will be checked upon arrival, so don’t forget it! No children please, thank you for your understanding.

How many tastings are included?

12 tasting tickets will be issued upon arrival, good for 12 pours (1 ticket = 1 pour). More tickets will be available upon request – just come check in with us so we can make sure you’re safe and have some water.

How many different wines will be available to taste?

We’re asking all the producers to bring 2 – 4 bottles of different varietals, so there will be lots of options.

Will there be wine available to purchase?

We carry limited quantities of wines at our Farmstand from our participants and beyond. There will also be the opportunity at the event to order your favorite wines from the tasting, with pickup available the following week.

What is the suggested attire?

This event will be held primarily outdoors, so dress comfortably for the weather and appropriate footwear. We also suggest bringing a picnic blanket, because there is going to be plenty of space to enjoy the view and sip on some amazing wines.

Will there be food available?

There will be some delicious offerings available for purchase, all house made by our amazing culinary team. Food will be available for purchase with Cards Only.

Why is this event important to us?

We feel that these producers are doing amazing things in their care for the planet, their team, and the region. Gathering this many people at the top of their class in one location is incredibly humbling, inspiring, and just plain fun.

What is the Culinary Training Program?

In 2022, we will be launching an immersive and hands-on Culinary Training Program, focusing on agriculture and the relationship of farmer and field through the culinary lens. Areas of focus will include whole animal butchery, farming, food waste management, business development and finances, and the classic battery of French technique (with a little bit of everything else to ensure we’re well rounded). Participants will be learning all aspects of culinary service and skills to ensure integrity in operation. They’ll also have the opportunity to connect and learn from leaders in the Washington beer and wine space.

More questions?

Reach out to us at

21+ Only.

No Refunds, rain or shine.

Food will be available by card only.

Don’t forget to bring your ID!

This event will be held in compliance with all Local, Federal, and State Guidelines for COVID-19.

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