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studio e gallery


February 1 - March 3, 2024

About the Show

A mini exhibition: "Variegated" curated in collaboration with studio e gallery. Featuring artists Stewart Francis Easton and Damien Hoar de Galvan


studio e gallery

studio e is a contemporary art space committed to exploring new territories in creative expression through a diverse program of exhibitions, talks and temporary in-situ projects.

Founded in 2014 by long time Georgetown resident Dawna Holloway as a way to support artists and encourage them to stretch their own definitions of their work – whether they be emerging or established – studio e is in itself a challenge to raise the bar ever higher. What started as an exercise in creating space for artists has become a project of creating place, with all of the relationships that grow out of that.

Whether it be through gallery lectures and artist talks, sharing space with independent curators like Melissa E. Feldman or with Heros Gallery, our micro-gallery (the vatican) or our pop-up installations on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, studio e aims to expand the definition of how a gallery fosters conversation and develops audience.

With a reach that is international as well as local, studio e is a labor of love, something of a commercial gallery with the beating heart (and creative flexibility of) an alternative space.

studio e gallery
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