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Ashley Corpuz Campbell


August 4- September 4, 2022

About the Show

There's a special place in my heart for the architectural and interior design of the suburban shopping centers we used to just call "The Mall." I remember getting dropped off to spend long days away from the house, without supervision. It was a place to meet up with friends for a slice of pizza, but it was also a place for me to explore my burgeoning independence. The geometry and vibrance of these spaces have made their way into my DNA as an artist in the present tense. Being young is rough, but discovering who you are can be so beautiful. These pieces are a reflection of some of the sweeter and more carefree moments of my youth. Time flies, meet me in The Food Court.


Ashley Corpuz Campbell

Hello! I'm Ashley Corpuz Campbell, a Filipino-American ceramic artist living in the Pacific Northwest & making colorful pots. Each vessel is hand-built, using pinch / coil / slab techniques. Currently I am inspired by art deco, science fiction, mid century modern architecture and a myriad of cartoons. I am self-taught and work mostly in porcelain, using a variety of pigments to stain my clay.
When I'm not making ceramics, I enjoy cooking vegetarian meals, gardening, hanging out with my two cats ( ponytail & meatball ) and watching trashy
reality tv.

Ashley Corpuz Campbell
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