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July 13-31, 2022


Selected works from the Anderson Family Collection

On View: July 13th-31st

Seattle Tasting Room

7/22/22 from 4-6 PM: Happy Hour with owner Lisa Anderson - Learn about the Anderson Family collection!

Over the last 40 years Mark and Patty Anderson have collected art from near and far, building a diverse collection of contemporary art. Inspired by the art and artists they met through their business the Walla Walla Foundry, or acquired on travels abroad, their collection is an eclectic assemblage of works from 1980's and later. Not centered on a specific medium, the collection includes works ranging from painting to sculpture to print, and features both world-renowned artists and local talent.

In Fall 2021, in honor of our dad and Walla Walla Foundry founder Mark Anderson, we hosted an exhibition from our family's collection at Foundry Vineyards' Walla Walla. To celebrate the return of Art Fair, and our first Art Fair since opening our Seattle space, we wanted to bring the energy of the Walla Walla exhibition to Seattle. Curated by our friends at Fruitsuper, this show is a glimpse into the Anderson family collection, and a vibrant display of our long time passion for contemporary art. Join us for a month filled with art and community, alongside our Pioneer Square neighbors in Seattle's historic arts district.

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