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March 23, 2024


The Happening will be the event to attend in March with visual and performing artists alike creating throughout the night for your enjoyment. A convergence of creativity and existence, where boundaries dissolve, and art becomes life.

Join us at The Foundry Vineyards for an immersive art experience that transcends boundaries. Inspired by Allan Kaprow’s revolutionary happenings from the 1960s, we invite you to don your finest Beatnik attire and become part of this creative experience. As you sip wine, enjoy nibbles, and explore, art will intertwine seamlessly with life.

The Evening will include:

Food by Bon Appetit
Artists creating artwork live for Silent Auction
Performances by poets, musicians, and dancers
All proceeds from this fundraiser will support ArtWalla and Arts in the Valley.


ArtWalla was originally formed in 1992 as the Blue Mountain Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization engaged in facilitating the acquisition of public art and education about that art. ArtWalla’s legacy is visually evidenced by the stunning collection of public art gracing Walla Walla’s historic downtown core. In 2011, leadership of ArtWalla shifted to an all-volunteer board committed to the challenging work of restructuring to serve the broader arts community.

ArtWalla's Mission

ArtWalla is a 501(c)3 non-profit that encourages and empowers local creative artists, engages the community, and enriches life in the Walla Walla Valley.

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