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February 12, 2022


February 12-13
12-5 Saturday & Sunday

- Pop Up with Pigeon Toe Ceramics
- Hand-painted Valentine's and exhibition of new works from Michael Doyle
- Delicious sweet treats from Pancita

-Paint your own Pigeon Toe Ceramics
-Hand-painted Valentine's and exhibition of new works from Michael Doyle
- Mimosas from Foundry Vineyards

- BONUS: Playlist from Monica Dimas



About Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe is a new perspective on the beauty inherent in every day. We explore the aesthetic potential of objects that populate and create our lives; we accentuate function and redefine form. Each piece that leaves our north Portland studio is alive with the joy and vision of its makers, the result of a process that begins with imagination and insight, takes shape through skilled hands, and is fulfilled by you. You will know a Pigeon Toe piece by its purpose, you will remember it for its presence, and you will love it for what it transcends.

About Michael Doyle:
Hello! I am a self taught visual artist, born and living in Seattle. For many years I have been showing my work in bookstores, shoe shops, coffee shops, galleries and church basements. Classic films, memoirs and forest walks are favorite forms of inspiration, creating a feeling of nostalgia and curiosity that can be found in my paintings.

My studio came together naturally as a way to share my creative practice and to create a storytelling with my paintings. When my art enters the realm of correspondence it starts to become a collaboration, making you the author and me the illustrator, an idea I find very exciting.

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