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Chuck Close & Kiki Smith

06.04.15 - 08.31.15



Foundry Vineyards today announced it will exhibit tapestries by Chuck Close and Kiki Smith from June 4, 2015 through August 28, 2015. Foundry Vineyards is honored to show works by two internationally famed artists in CHUCK CLOSE / KIKI SMITH: Tapestries from Magnolia Editions. CHUCK CLOSE / KIKI SMITH: Tapestries from Magnolia Editions is named for the collaboration between artist and Magnolia Editions in Oakland, California and features six larger-than-life tapestries. The exhibition illuminates subjects of portraiture by Close and the natural, fantastic world of Smith. Chuck Close, originally from Monroe, Washington, is esteemed for his ingenious rendering of the human face in painting and printmaking. On display in CHUCK CLOSE / KIKI SMITH: Tapestries from Magnolia Editions are three large-scale photorealist portraits that stem from a mid-1990’s series of daguerreotypes of family, friends, self portraits and artists. Featured are black and white portraits of Kiki Smith, Lyle Ashton Harris, and the artist himself. The work of Kiki Smith, who lives in New York, NY, provides a stark contrast to that of Close’s ultra realism by leading the viewer into an ethereal landscape of the natural world. Smith begins by forming her works of art through collages and painting that are then transformed into tapestries using a Jacquard loom. The scenes depicted in her works include birds and stars, heaven and earth that resonate with depth and complexity. Both artists have received the U.S. State Department Medal of Art, which is the highest honor the United States government bestows upon individuals in the arts.


About Magnolia Editions: For three-decades, Magnolia Editions has provided artists with technical expertise at their fine art printmaking studio in Oakland, California. Artists, such as Close and Smith, come to Magnolia Editions for their extensive knowledge and innovative techniques that push the boundaries of traditional printmaking.

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