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Mokuhanga Project Space Invitational

05.05.23 - 07.30.23



This show brings together ten international artists selected by the Mokuhanga Project Space. The featured artists are veterans in the medium of mokuhanga.

Mokuhanga is a traditional form of Japanese printmaking. 'Moku' translates to wood, and 'hanga' means printed. The medium arrived in Japan during the eighth century and was used to copy Buddhist sutras. The medium became a popular art expression in the Edo Period (1603 1868). Mokuhanga is similar to Western-style woodblock printing but differs in several ways. First, it uses water-based inks rather than oil-based. The ink is brushed directly onto the woodblock instead of being applied with a roller or brayer. The impression is made by the force of the artist's hand using a cylindrical object called a barren. Lastly, the registration system allows multiple blocks to line up evenly and is carved directly into the woodblock - called kento registration.

Mokuhanga has recently seen more interest in the art community because the technique uses water-based inks, which are easier to clean up without harsh chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly than other forms of printmaking. Since using a mechanical press is unnecessary, this medium can be a more accessible way for artists to create prints.


Featured artists:
Paul Furneaux
Jacqueline F Gribbin
Takuji Hamanaka
Keiko Hara
Kari Laitinen
Mike Lyon
Kate MacDonagh
Florence Neal
Yasuyuki Shibata
Katsutoshi Yuasa

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