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Sue Rose

May 5 -July 7, 2022



Documenting the perfectly imperfect.

Sue Rose is a Seattle-based artist working in painting, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics. We’re incredibly thrilled to be showcasing an exhibition of her works. Her studio is a magical space filled with creative energy. Get to know the oh-so-amazing Sue below.

Stones, Bones, Forks & Fries
Works by Sue Rose
On view May 5th-July 7th 2022

Opening Reception Thursday, May 5th 6-9:00
Closing Reception Thursday July 7th 6-9:00


3 essential things in your studio?
1. A large poster of one of my heroes, the artist Saul Steinberg, which has been hanging in every studio or office I’ve had since the 80’s. In the photo, Saul has a sheet of paper over his face with 2 holes for eyes and a third exposing his nose. He was clever, often irreverent and always surprising.
2. My collection of books, catalogues and periodicals of, about or by my artist loves: Alex Katz, Fairfield Porter, David Park, Lois Dodd, Lee Krasner, Sam Francis, Saul Steinberg, Richard Diebenkorn, Sue Coe, Kiki Smith, David Hockney, Picasso, Joseph Cornell, Manet, Matisse, etc. and my collection of comic books and graphic novels (many in languages I don’t speak).
3. A perfectly, imperfect handmade mug of water, preferably a mug with an irregular pattern of dots or stripes.

Current internet rabbit-hole?
Before the internet, I would spend hours in bookstores or at magazine stands looking at art, architecture and design or exotic travel locations. I now have the luxury of doing that on my phone and am never bored. Plus, I have the added bonus of cat and kitten videos. And babies! And sometimes, cats or kittens or other cute animals with babies! Or people falling down – I love slapstick!

Best part of the day?
The first sip of coffee in the morning. I love the ritual of choosing a mug, grinding beans, heating water and pouring an exact amount into the carafe, and then, before taking a sip, adding a small amount of half and half to the hot coffee. Though, there are mornings when I’m still in bed, I fantasize there’s a barista in my kitchen who will make me a perfect latte when I walk in.

Can’t stop drawing?
What’s in front of me. Which is often pencils, mugs, ice cream bowls, cutlery, books, my mother’s cats (which are technically my cats, but will forever be known as cats belonging to my mother), my wife or my shoes.

Do you have a creative routine or daily ritual?
I draw every day. Ten years ago I joined a group of art friends, in making what we call a Mark a Day (MAD). We text our daily marks to the 6 others in the group, thereby creating the need to show up. I’ve always drawn, but MAD kickstarted a daily practice, for which I am eternally grateful.

How does your current city influence your work?
I love walking through my South Seattle/Seward Park neighborhood, where there are many trash cans (particularly the blue recycling bins), piles of pruned tree limbs, blue tarps covering mounds of mulch, reasonably sized houses (many from the forties, fifties and sixties) and alleys full of overgrown blackberry bushes. This setting perfectly suits my interest in common, everyday day things.

Art supply/tool you can’t live without?
A sense of humor is the tool I cannot make art without, or go through life without.

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