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Foundry Vineyards is dedicated to the creation of finely-crafted low intervention wines that express the unique terroir of their vineyard. Each hand crafted wine is overseen from the wine to bottle and the grapes are rigorously selected from the best lots. The award-winning wines produced are created with a combination of estate grown fruit from the Walla Walla Valley and thoughtfully sourced small-lot production from premier growing areas around Washington State. Foundry's commitment to limited production size, around 2,500 cases annually, ensures that each wine matures to their full potential and showcases the philosophy of quality over quantity. With deep roots in contemporary art and the Walla Walla Foundry, Foundry Vineyards hopes to reflect the spirit of artistic expression in each wine and  to continue to be creative with each vintage.

Winemaker Jay Anderson highlights the creativity of winemaking using a variety of methods to make wines in a range of styles - perfect for any and every occasion. Initially focused on traditional Bordeaux-style wines from the Walla Walla Valley, Jay has expanded Foundry's program to include Rhône varietals, sparkling wines, new vineyards and innovative wine-making techniques. His approach is one of low intervention, focusing on vineyard management and minimal inputs. He works diligently in the estate, Stonemarker, to cultivate rich, well-balanced, organic fruit- the foundation for select single-varietal wines and the flagship Artisan Blend. Jay actively searches for new vineyards to add to Foundry's portfolio that highlight sustainable vineyard practices. From Foundry Vineyards' single varietal series to his natural sparkling line, pétproject, each of Jay's wines are a true testament of fruit and site.


Why Organic?

Foundry Vineyards has a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability in the making of our wines. We believe that organic vineyard management goes hand in hand with our goal to create wines that reflect the terroir of their vineyard. Our estate vineyard, Stonemarker completed the three year organic certification process in 2020. Our line of pétillant-natural sparkling wines, pétproject, exclusively sources from organically-farmed vineyards. Foundry Vineyards continues to transition more of our wines towards organic vineyards and natural inputs with each vintage year.

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pétproject is Foundry Vineyards' sister label, focused on creating low-intervention wines using the ancestral method, the oldest process for creating sparkling wines. The French refer to these wines as pétillant-naturel (naturally sparkling) or pét-nat for short. These wines capture the liveliness of fermentation just before it is completed. The remaining Co2 in bottle results in a youthful sparkling wine. 


The Vineyards



Due to Foundry Vineyards' limited production, wines often sell out. Join the Artisan Wine Club to get first access to award-winning wines, exclusive releases, and discounts.