Fall Exhibition Opening Weekend

November 4-7, 2021

Walla Walla

Our next art exhibition will open on November 4th, 2021, with extended viewing hours Friday November 5th and Saturday November 6th from 5-7pm. This show, and this year’s Artisan Blend is dedicated to my dad, Mark Anderson, founder of Foundry Vineyards and the Walla Walla Foundry.

For those of you who are new to our community, my dad passed away suddenly in November 2019. It is his vision of Art + Wine that is the foundation of Foundry Vineyards, and a vision that my brother and I still seek to fulfill.

I have curated this show in my mind for quite some time. The 2021 Fall exhibit will include works by Jim Dine (inaugural Artisan Blend artist), Deborah Butterfield, Nancy Graves, Robert Arneson, Manual Neri, Keiko Hara, and many more. I can’t think of a better way to honor our father.

I hope that you join me at the gallery during Fall Release Weekend or pop by sometime to see the show.

Jay and I have said it before, but it can never be said enough - thank you. Thank you for supporting our business and the arts. We love what we do, and are grateful to be able to share our family’s vision with you.


Lisa Anderson and the Foundry Vineyards Team