The gallery at Foundry Vineyards opened in 2010 and has been fortunate to exhibit artists such as Deborah Butterfield, Ai Weiwei, Chuck Close, Kiki Smith, Matthew Day Jackson, Rob Pruitt, James Lavadour, and more. In the gallery, we aim to exhibit a diverse group of established artists, mediums, and concepts predominantly in the vein of contemporary art. 

The gallery hosts quarterly exhibits. Though the dates are subject to change, art openings typically occur in February, May, August, and November and are co-curated by owners Lisa & Jay Anderson. The Foundry Vineyards gallery is not open for artist inquiries, however the Andersons believe strongly in collaborations and are open to ideas from art and humanities focused organizations. 

I Don't Care! I'd Rather Sink!

Recent work by Kevin Stahl


November 1, 2019 - January 26, 2020



Press Release


Mark Anderson's passing dramatically changes the context of the work presented in my exhibition "I'd Rather Sink!!" My sculptures that were hung on the walls of Foundry Vineyards' gallery as art when the exhibition first opened are now functional objects and mementos that pay tribute to Mark's impactful life. For this to be the art exhibition presented at Foundry Vineyards synchronous with Mark's passing feels uncanny and predestinate. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to show these works at Foundry Vineyards, for Mark to have seen these works completed, and for my sculptures to be forever linked to Mark's memory. The gallery at Foundry Vineyards is no longer host to my exhibition; it has transformed into a memorial to his legacy. All of the flowers and tokens sent to the Anderson family have been brought to the gallery to be placed with my sculptures and Mark's memorial box. We welcome ALL whose lives Mark has touched to visit Foundry Vineyards to pay their respects and to add anything to the space. It can be more flowers, but it can also be art, a dance, a song, a poem, a prayer, or a story. Mark's love of creativity was boundless. We invite you to use this heartache as a creative force to bring healing and inspiration to yourself and others.


                                                               -- Kevin Stahl 

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Kevin Stahl